Toxic Life and Engineered Death

December 9, 2013
Image: Joe Davis, Malus ecclesia

Image: Joe Davis, “Malus ecclesia”

Videos of all the talks from this symposium are available here!

Artspace Building
100 Arthur St. Winnipeg

Registration: 9:00 am
To sign up for the symposium, please contact Tom at vpprogramming[at]

Keynotes: Steve Kurtz (Buffalo, USA)
Joe Davis ( Cambridge, MA, USA),
Natalie Jeremijenko (NY, USA),

Speakers: Ted Heibert (Seattle, USA), Melentie Pandilovski (Winnipeg),
Andrew E Pelling (Ottawa), Niki Sperou (Adelaide, Australia), Jennifer
Willet (Windsor)

View the full schedule here.

Toxic Life and Engineered Death is a one-day symposium that will connect artists involved in the TOXICITY project with Canadian and international scholars and the general public in a discussion of the discourses of the arts/sciences interface. The symposium offers a chance for the participants and the audience to consider changes in the cultural, socio-political and ecological landscape through the lens of art and culture. Topics of presentations will include: ethical relationships to “partial life,” the biopolitical and cultural implications of biotechnology, the homologies between ecological and information “poisoning,” challenges to inherited taxonomies of culture, science, art and philosophy and the infiltration of biotechnology into the fabric of everyday life.



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