Niki Sperou – Session 2 – Part 3

Niki Sperou – Session 1 Part 3 – Toxic Life and Engineered Death Symposium from Video Pool Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.

Niki Sperou delivers a talk during the "Toxic Life and Engineered Death" Symposium presented in conjunction with the Toxicity exhibition and biotech art workshop in Winnipeg on December 9, 2013.
Adelaide artist Niki Sperou investigates the nexus between art, science, culture and their connection in the shaping of human identity. Sperou’s experimental intermedia works combine sculpture, textiles, photography, moving images, painting/drawing, traditional crafts, biological organisms and biotechnical laboratory processes and products. Since 2006, Sperou has been Artist in Residence at the Department of Medical Biotechnology, Flinders University, Australia, and tutors in art theory at the University of Southern Australia. She has led workshops and discussion groups on biotech arts in Australia and Macedonia and has herself participated in workshops by Oron Catts and Eduardo Kac at the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide, Australia. In 2004, she participated in Heath Buntings’s DIY DNA DAY and was a core group coordinator of the With the Body in Mind science and art event held at the Flinders Medical Centre in 2007.

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