Andrew E. Pelling – Session 1 – Part 2

Andrew E. Pelling – Session 1 – Part 2 – Toxic Life and Engineered Death Symposium from Video Pool Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.

Dr. Andrew E. Pelling delivers a talk during the "Toxic Life and Engineered Death" Symposium presented in conjunction with the Toxicity exhibition and biotech art workshop in Winnipeg on December 9, 2013.
The Pelling Lab for Biophysical Manipulation is an exploratory space based at the University of Ottawa dedicated to understanding the limits of living systems. The lab is composed of a diverse group of experimentalists open to the possibilities that occur at the interface between disciplines. We are generally interested in understanding how living cellular systems can be controlled, manipulated and re-purposed using non-genetic and non-pharmacological approaches. By pushing living systems to artificial limits, the lab has discovered surprising behaviours and an astonishing ability of cells to adapt and respond to unusual stimuli. Re-Purposed is developed and presented by computer scientist Craig Bryan, biochemist Daniel Modulevsky and biophysicist Andrew Pelling.
Toxicity was co-presented by Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Incubator Lab, and Plug In ICA.

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